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Monday, January 01, 2018

Solace Release

Each track on Solace represents a moment over the past year. Most of these tracks represent for me a mental and emotional space where I literally found solace in the creative process of laying down improvised tracks with my guitar and Alyssa's Nord piano. Some of the tracks were pure improvisations and will never be recreated live or anywhere else. Other tracks, like Drifted, Drifted 2 and Haunting are acoustic songs with other layers, but they are songs that I look forward to playing in live settings. A few of the tracks are very ambient, with more flow than rhythm, like After the Rain. Some of the tracks include percussion and drums by Ian White and some include vocals or synthesizer by Alyssa Creasy. In all, these was a fun experiment for me to focus on during a very difficult year. It was something that gave me joy and focus, it's was largely a meditative process. I have no idea if others will like it, I have no idea if I'll like it a year from now, but it was much more about the creative process than anything else. Nothing is polished, nothing is perfect (by any means), but hopefully all of it is meditative, peaceful, something you can put on the music player when you're needing a background to create a mood of hope and relaxation.

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