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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

After the Rain (new ambient song)

This was the last ambient/instrumental piece that I did this spring. It was my attempt to create something a bit longer and less "song-like" than some of other tracks I'd been working on. This one is not mastered and not necessarily finished, but I wanted to make it available to more than just myself. The track is almost 10 minutes long and takes sonic journey with no real chord structure, definitely no verse or chorus or repeating "cliche." My hope is that it can be a piece that creates a certain mental or emotional atmosphere, even spiritual atmosphere, where one can rest, listen, meditate, find a little peace. As I've begun working on this kind of music I've heard some amazing artists out there who have done far more than I and know synthesizers and sound makers far more intimately than I. But, this is my attempt.

When you listen, I recommend good speakers or high quality headphones. In my mini studio it would great and with my recording headphones even better, but not in my car. I recorded a lot a bass tones that are too deep for the cheap speakers of my Mazda 5. The farm truck evidently has much better speakers, sounds pretty good in there. There are things that mastering would clean up and make more sharp, but this is the free version : )

I hope you like it! It's a free download, but feel free to leave a tip.

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