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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping and Running

Once upon a time I did a lot of backpacking and camping. It was my escape to nature and from the busy world. Over the past seven years I've had little time to be in the woods. For a while I blamed being a dad. That ended when I took Teah on her first backpacking trip and she loved it. She's begged me to go again for months - I haven't made the time. I plan to change that. Last week, thanks to my friend Cornelius, we got a free 6 person tent, ready for the whole family! He found it in a dumpster outside REI! This past weekend was my 35th birthday. I was home alone. The family took a 4 day vacation. Another sign that I let my work and in ability to manage my work get the better of me and my family, but that's for another post. I couldn't be away for four or five days at this point in the summer, but I could get away for one night. Being home alone let me try something I've been wanting to try for months. Emma (German Shepherd) and I packed up and walking into the woods on Sunday night. We had driven out to the Laurel Highlands to Bear Run Nature Reserve. One of my favorite places. The next morning my friend Rob met us on the trail and we trail ran/fast hiked about seven miles. It was a great experience. I've been running a lot in the city, but trail running is what I love. Emma did great, she's a much better runner when she's off leash! I'm hoping to take the whole family camping in the same area very soon. We'll set up a base camp after hiking in a couple miles. I could go for trail runs, the kids could play in the streams near our site, should be a good time.

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