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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Food Fast - Day 1

This year for my Local Food Fast during Lent I'm being joined by more friends, both on line and through our Church, The Open Door. Here on my blog I'm going to try to give helpful hints and describe the amazing food that we've added to our lives in place of those things we fast from. I'll give a better description and reasoning of the fast later. For now I'll give a quick write up on last night's dinner.

As you'll see I'm not going for vegan or vegetarian, but local, grass fed, wild, home grown and/or organic (but not organic that's shipped around the world or even across the country).

Dinner 2/22/2012
Alyssa made a London Broil steak from Clarion River Organics. They sell local meat, milk and vegetables year round at the Pittsburgh Public Market in the strip district. We also had a mixed baby greens salad from the East End Food Co-op, sold in bulk, it's cheaper. The sweat potato fries were an new experiment. Instead of baking them this time we fried half of them in duck fat and the other half in Coconut oil. They were amazing. I'll talk more later why fat from pastured animals is good for you.

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