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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Greens and Mushrooms Treats

The Low tunnels are doing great at the farm. It's our first year really trying to extend the season for some of our crops.

We found and identified some awesome oyster mushrooms last week before the heavy frosts came. These we delivered to Salt of the Earth, probably about 10 pounds! I ate some too, first wild mushrooms I've harvested and eaten. Yes, I did get three "experts" to confirm they were actually oysters.

These lettuce greens are growing in an 8x10 raised bed made of 2x10 boards. They've all been harvested now and gave us about 10 pounds of greens! We sold these to Toast, a restaurant on Baum Blvd. They survive the cold of December just find under two layers of protections, first the plastic and then some Agribon laid right on top of the plants.

The view from Wicklow Street a month or so ago. That's the first garden we began at the farm, still my favorite. The water tower is a landmark that can be seen from all over the city. Makes it really easy for us to point out where the farm is.

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