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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exposing the Cholesterol Myth

High cholesterol runs in my family. My grandfather was treated for heart disease for years before dying of lung cancer that was most likely due to years of asbestos exposure. My dad has had high cholesterol for years and was on serious statin drugs that nearly caused irreversible damage to his body. This video is one of many that makes it clear that the drug companies don't tell the whole story. I've known for a while now that LDL, HDL and Triglicerides don't tell the whole story. Cholesterol is a sign of inflammation, a bigger problem in the body. This video tells a lot. Very interesting, more learning to do.

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Doc said...

Hey John, I just stumbled on your blog and started reading back posts. The one on cholesterol stirred me a bit. If heart disease and/or cholesterol issues are a specific concern for you I am sure you have researched it to the nines but have you seen the documentary film, Forks over Knives?
It is worth watching and hugely instructive about the influence of diet on heart disease, cholesterol levels and cancer susceptibility. It highlights the research of C.B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D in a way that I think is complementary to your efforts in urban gardening and focus on sustainability.
Give it a shot or check out Esselstyn’s work at the library. He wrote a few books but the best is: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Cheers to you and yours, Mike Fazzini (