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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Grafting Fruit Trees and Planting Today!

A couple of days ago our scion wood and root stock came in the mail. Scion wood are small branches from specific apple varieties that are grafted onto whatever kind of rootstock you desire: standard size, dwarf, semi-dwarf, and everything in between. These little trees will probably grow in pots for a while before they're transplanted out into the field. Some of them will go to Garfield Farm and some will go to Lamppost Farm.

We also received our pear trees, already grafted and ready to be planted. They are much larger than the scion wood. These trees are going in at Garfield Farm later today.

All of our trees are old varieties that produce beautiful tasty apples and pears not available at the store. Hopefully some of the ones we planted two years ago will start bearing this year!

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