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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update 1 - Zero Waste Lent

This Lent is a learning experience in garbage reduction. Its also a true fast of food as I get more into. There are many things still in our pantry that I have to avoid because of the high non-recyclable waste content of the packaging. As those things do get used up we're getting better alternatives in their place. Some of the things I've found to be difficult so far are cereals and kids snack food, and my snack foods. Those things all come in bags or boxes with bags inside, that are not recyclable, burnable or compostable. I'll begin avoiding these the best I can, replacing processed cereals with granola from the bulk section at the co-op or homemade by Alyssa. Some things that are working well is the dog poop composter in the back yard and the compost at the farm in Garfield. Our compost barrel here is filled to the brim from the long winter and continual use.

I've learned quickly that processed food = lots of garbage. This fast from creating trash is also a fast from most processed foods.

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