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Monday, December 06, 2010

Lyle, Child of the Covenant

Last night at The Open Door Alyssa and I led the musical aspect of worship together with our friends Andy, Chris and Robby. We also baptized Lyle, our son, who is 7 months old. It is probably the last time I'll ever baptize one of my own children, since we're not planning to have any more. Lyle was great, I dumped as much water from my hands onto his head as I could. He didn't even cry as it dripped down his face. It was a beautiful thing to have him accepted into the community of faith and to know that God has chosen him to be one of his children. Now, we wait with expectation, for the day when he will accept God's love. It also worked nicely into Advent and the scripture that was preached on last night, all about John the Baptist and his birth contrasted with Jesus' birth.

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