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Friday, October 29, 2010

Swiss Chard

I went out to Garfield Farm this afternoon to put some row covers on some of the salad greens to protect them from the potential frost this evening. Emma, my German Shephard, came too, she loves the farm, she runs around looking for sticks for me to throw, which rarely happens when crops are growing. During the end of the growing season our Swiss Chard took a hard hit from the dreaded stink bugs that have infested our city. I never remember stink bugs being a problem until this year. I don't remember ever seeing one until just a couple years ago. Since the weather has gotten a bit cooler the bugs are left but the chard has continued to grow. Right now it's at it's best, dark green leaves and brightly colored stems. The leaves are over two feet tall. I picked some and cooked it up for dinner, just feeding myself tonight, steaming it. A month or so ago I made a tincture of hot peppers in white vinegar. The chard and about two table spoons of hot pepper infused vinegar was awesome, hot but not too hot, tangy from the vinegar, still plenty of fresh flavor from the chard. Couldn't get any easier than that. Oh yeah, I had some apple cider, pork stew with it too.

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