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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swiss Chard #2

Home alone again today I tried another Swiss Chard experiment. Other than spinach and salad greens, Swiss Chard was the first green that I grew and learned to love. Later I tried different kales and collard greens, but I still come back to good old chard as my favorite for cooking. It just cooks down so easily and quickly. This morning I put a good cup of chopped fresh chard from the farm into about a 10" iron skillet with about two table spoons of butter. I let that saute with some salt and pepper until is was nicely cooked down and wilted. Then I split two large eggs, beat them, and simply put them in with the chard. I cooked it on medium heat. The two cooked into a perfect one inch souffle. Then I added cheddar cheese to the top, a good handful (I like cheese). Let it all cook on low heat until the eggs are cooked to your liking. It all came right out of the skillet, no sticking at all. I finished it off on my plate with some good old Red Hot and enjoyed. It was sooo good.

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