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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPDATE! Urban Homesteading Part 5: Dog Waste Compost UPDATE

Last week I completed the dog waste composter I've been planning to put in our yard for the past couple months. It was about a one day job, the hardest part by far was the digging of a whole large enough to fit a 30+ gallon trash can. I used a heavy duty green trash can with a good durable lid. If you use a cheap trash can I can tell you it will decompose just like the poop! We've used kids swimming pools for garden beds and have found that they only last about two years before they crumble. Better plastic will last longer in when out in the sun and under the ground like your composter will be. I'm not going to describe what I did, it's all in the video I posted a few months ago. The video is not me, but something I came upon on You Tube. In addition to what they describe Alyssa found a product at the pet store specifically for this purpose. It's basically a compost activator, microbes that break down the waste more quickly. We've been using it for about ten days so far and haven't have any smell. We've been piling it in, along with some decomposing food scrap compost to aid in decomposition. I can't tell you how much easier it is now that I don't have to carry around a plastic bag and try to get it in there without getting it on my hands and feet and... yuck. I'll let you know if it goes wrong, or if it fills up quickly, or what. So far so good. Not sure what we'll do with the end product, it should be something we can bury in some of the non-food producing parts of the yard. We'll see.


Kyle said...

this is your crappiest post yet.

John said...

Ha, that it is, and so is your photo!!!