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Monday, July 05, 2010

Morning Chores, Participating in a Natural Rhythm of Life

Last week I went out to Lamppost Farm near Columbiana, Ohio. I went just to visit and show a friend what's happening out there. We helped Steve with what he calls morning chores which includes moving the cattle to a new paddock of grass, moving the broiler chickens to new grass and feeding them their grains, feeding the pigs, milking the goats and collecting eggs. We also moved new chicks into their new grass filled bottomless chicken tractors. Homesteading and farming involves a deeply satisfying and even spiritual rhythm. A rhythm that connects humanity with creation. The movements on Lamppost Farm of livestock all around the farm is life giving to the land, to the animals and to the people who support all that life around them. The day before we arrived two cows had calves. Four weeks earlier one of the pigs had piglets. All this new life took place naturally and with simplicity because of the natural settings in which the animals live. Steve actually went golfing while one of the calves was born! It seems God created life and especially all these animals for movement. It's crazy to think that most of our meat comes from confinement operations, restricting the natural life cycles of creation. All the animals at Lamppost nourish people with extremely healthy meat, eggs and milk because of the natural movements they are allowed on the farm.

Upon returning home I realized the smaller scale natural rhythm that we've created in the city on our 3000 square feet of land. There's movement of chickens onto fresh grass, turning of the compost, watering of plants and harvesting in the garden before it gets to hot. I'm trying to work into my rhythm my daily reading of scripture and prayer.

I often feel pulled in many directions in life. But it's the simple rhythms in our lives that ground us, that make us mentally and spiritually healthy. Exercise, reading, time with kids around the table, prayer, work, etc. It is my hope to continue to connect my spiritual life, my work life, and my home life as we look to live more simply and be satisfied with less while experiencing the more of the earth's plenty.

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