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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cell Phones

I've been a heavy cell phone user for the past ten or so years. For many of those years we only had cell phones in our house, no land lines. Now that we do have a land line, I hardly use it. My Apple iphone is all I need, or is it? Well, sometimes I love my phone and use it's abilities to order my life. The calendar holds it all together and syncs to my computer. The ability to show the weather keeps me from getting too wet at the farm or on bike rides. It even tracks my bike rides with GPS! But, it also drops calls multiple times every day, and I don't even have the G4 version that is known to have issues. I also feel like it is a laborious burden some times, like a ball and chain that I can never leave. If I do leave it I come home to emergency phone calls or calls that people think are emergencies, making things even more stressful. These are probably problems with me and not the cell phone.

But, yesterday I heard an unbiased news story on PBS radio on the hundreds of studies on cell phones and brain cancer. It was said that our planet is currently partaking in the largest science experiment ever by waiting to see what happens when five hundred million people hold small microwave emitters to their heads for hours every day. While many of the studies are inconclusive and some show that there is no danger, others show that brain cancer is increased by cell phone users. Finally, the reporter explained that if you take out all the studies funded by cell phone companies and other interested parties 75% of the remaining studies conclude that cell phones can damage human beings in various ways. Some of the ill effects were brain cancer, tumor development and even dis-unification of DNA molecules.

So, my question, would you stop using your cell phone is you were convinced it could kill you? What would it take to convince you? Did you know that the USA is putting almost no research money into the question while European countries are putting a lot into it and finding less that hopeful results?

"March 03, 2010 - Yahoo News and CNN reports that Maine may require a warning about cell phones being a possible cause of brain cancer. Dr. Derva Davis Mt Sinai Medical center, and Dr. David Carpenter Albany University spoke in favor of the proposed bill."

"May 17, 2010 - According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (funded in part by WHO, the World Health Organization) using a cell phone for as little as 30 minutes may increase your risk of getting a brain tumor (glioma). The study is reported to have included 13,000 participants over 10 years. But we have not seen the details of this study. As soon as we find a source, we'll publish a link to it."

So, do you think our culture could go backwards in terms of phones? Could we do it? I'm sure we'll find ways around it, use your bluetooth...

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Keith DeWitt said...

Not an issue for me. I hate cell phones. I don't carry one. Bethany and I have one cell phone we use in case of emergencies and she usually has it. Honestly I really don't like talking on the phone period. I am sure that is funny from someone in the IT industry, but my life goes along just fine without having a cell phone. I don't need to be in constant contact with the world. I don't want to be in constant contact with the world.