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Saturday, April 10, 2010

One Satisfying Omelet

You've never tasted an omelet until you've tasted this omelet. Many restaurants describe some amazing sounding omelets, my favorites are the western style, the Tex-Mex style, and the Greek omelets, they all sound so good on paper. But, I've never had a restaurant omelet (except for one at a bed and breakfast in North Conway, NH), that I really liked. I blame the ingredients. I just finished the simplest omelet on the planet, but it was soooo good, just egg and cheese, you really wouldn't believe how good it was unless you have eggs from rotationally pastured hens. Last week Alyssa made an even better omelet for dinner, here were the ingredients.

2 eggs from the back yard
Local cheese from the East End Food Co-op
Steamed Red Russian Kale from the cold frame
Crumbled Sausage from Lamppost Farm (a pig that I helped slaughter and butcher)

The best omelet ever! Even more satisfying knowing where all the ingredients came from and just how healthy each one is... for us and for the planet.

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