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Friday, April 30, 2010

In The Hospital

Alyssa was very happy to give birth in the setting of the midwife center. No hospital stay, no medications, got to go home four hours after the birth. Unfortunately I found out that I had strep throat during Lyle's birth. I didn't know that for a few days. About a week after Lyle's birth Alyssa started feeling very tired. She thought it was just fatigue as she recovered from the birth. After a week of just not feeling right and having a slight fever at times Alyssa developed severe pains in her stomach. They faded for about a day, but returned two days ago with a vengeance. We rushed into the closest emergency room and found that she had an infection in her uterus. We've been in the hospital ever since. She said that the pain from this infection has been worse that giving birth at times, and she gave birth with no pain killers remember! I also found out that my strep came back after a full 10 days of antibiotics. I'm on stronger ones now. Alyssa's IV antibiotics seem to be working some, but not up to what the doctors had expected and hoped for. They are now trying to determine if the infection has spread into her blood system, which one test shows that it has. They think that test may have been contaminated, but they are not sure yet. They are also determining an even stronger antibiotic to kick this bacteria. She is feeling much better, but has not kept her fever down long enough to begin the count down to go home. If they infection is in her blood they will probably let her go home as long as the temp is down, but with IV antibiotics for two more weeks from home. We're hoping and praying that this disease does not persist. It's pretty scary how resistant these bad bacteria have become to our antibiotics. I wish we didn't have to be on them, I wish we could use natural means, but things have gone too far.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for all of you. Please let me know if you want me to come home to help out (I already talked to my supervisor and she is more than ready to give me some time off). Love you

Beverly said...

The overuse of antibiotics in livestock has bred resistant bacteria at an alarming rate. Corporate farming wants short cuts and have been so irresponsible. I'm praying for all of you. I know this is scary stuff.