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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last night, while out walking the dog, I remembered why I love winter. I didn't realize it was probably in the single digits when we went out late last night, but I knew it was cold. I put on my red, puffy down coat, my hat and face mask. We walked our abbreviated Stanton Heights walk that ended at the ball park behind Sunnyside School where I often let Emma off leash to run a little. There's a great hillside that leads into some woods that I like to let Emma run down. We found some sticks to play fetch with. The snow had drifted onto the hillside making it about two feet deep, perfect for making a dog run through to get worn out a little. As I stood there on the hill I recognized a sound I hadn't heard in a while, the sound of ice cold wind blowing around my warm ears. The stars were out but no one else could be seen or heard, except cars in the distance and a lone dog not too far away. It reminded me of why I love winter backpacking, few other people ever want to be out, so it's quiet and still. Something about being in the single digits brings a different calm and stillness that I love.

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John said...

OK, I'm ready for summer now!