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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We weren't sure we'd have a very good Christmas morning at 12:30 am when Micah woke up with a croopy cough and asthma worse than I've ever heard. He could hardly breath. It was the first time this year he'd had asthma, thankfully his nebulizer and albuterol were ready to go. It was the first time it felt like an emergency. But, it worked. His breathing slowed down and became easier and he fell asleep next to Alyssa and I in bed. This was one night I wouldn't have put him back in his bed if he wanted to. We woke up in the morning and he seemed to feel a lot better, still has a cough, but no asthma for now.

Micah and Teah's biggest gifts I made this year. Micah got a train table and Teah I made a baby cradle. Teah's new Barbies came from her grandmama's attic, still in the boxes, along with two other dolls that would have probably cost $40 each, at least.

My Christmas gift came a month ago in the form of a chicken coop and Alyssa's gift came last week in the form of a Taylor guitar. Pretty nice guitar too, we had to sell two other guitars and a keyboard to pay for half of it.

Now we're just hoping and praying that Micah gets rid of this cough so we can go see Richard and his family in Knoxville, TN.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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