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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Got the Chickens

On Wednesday our friends Steve and Mel Montgomery delivered our chicken coop and three Barred Rock chickens. We've had them now for just about 48 hours and already they've given us half a dozen eggs. It's amazing how different these eggs are than what you buy at the store, even the organic ones. The yokes are bright orange, containing lots of beta carotene. They are a lot of fun too, kids are having lots of fun with them as am I.


God's Child said...

How do you take care of them and can they stay outside in the cold weather we get here in the burgh?

John said...

They supposedly do fine in cold weather, if you give them some shelter and bedding. But, we'll probably put them in a box in the basement when it dips below 5 or so. They are Barred Rock Hens which were breed in New England in the 1800's to make it through the winter on their own. Other than that, so far we just feed them, move the coop to fresh grass every other day, and make sure they always have water and a place to lay eggs. Pretty easy so far.