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Monday, November 16, 2009

Church Music, Yeah I like it

I haven't been musically inspired for a while. I think that's by my own place in life these days with my work focusing on other things and lots of time being eaten up by family stuff. We all love music and listen to lots of it, but I haven't had a CD that has moved me in a while, especially not Christian music. But, I really do like this new David Crowder album. I've liked Crowder since before he and UBC released their first album, but that last one was a bit uninspired, I thought. The new album, Church Music, is great for a couple reasons:
1. It's just fun to listen to
2. The band really moves into some different musical categories, even if disco is one of them.
3. Lyrics like "Oh happiness, there's grace enough for us and the WHOLE human race" are too rare in Christian music. Push those universalist boundaries!
4. There's actually some great electric guitar work on some of the songs, especially on God Almighty, None Compares. It really rocks, has complex musical parts and changes, lyrically its good, completely different from anything they've done before, BIG guitars.
5. Worshipful, not boring, not the normal "soft guys voice" wimpy sound that I'm use to.

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