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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Warm House?

Temperature outside 38 degrees a couple nights ago. Temperature inside at our old house, without the heat being one would have been about... 38. That house caused us to set the heat at 57 at night and 60 in the day, maybe. Our new house is about half the size. It's also insulated, a novel idea! Each room has it's own electric heat, but we are not expecting to use the electric system very much. We put in a Lopi Leyden Wood Stove in the main living area. So far I've used it mostly because we're excited to use it. A few nights ago we had it nice and toasty around 70 or so but let it go out completely when we went to bed. In the morning it was 39 outside and still well above 60 all over the house! We'll see how things go when it's 2 outside, but it seems we may be able to heat the house primarily for free or very cheaply with wood.

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The Tiny Homestead said...

Jealous with a capitol J! Hoping to add a wood stove next winter, but we still have the uninsulated walls to contend with. Sounds great- congrats on the move.