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Friday, October 09, 2009

Autumn Locavore Meal

It's been a tough couple of months to fulfill our attempts to eat locally grown and raised food. We sold plenty of food through Garfield Farm and tried to eat local and healthy when we could, but when you move houses with your family and have a general busy summer, it gets tempting to eat chick-fil-a more that I'd like to admit.

But, things are settling down now, so we're back to having a little more time to properly shop and more time to cook. Most importantly Alyssa's kitchen is mostly done, with a new gas stove, a must have (in her words) for canning, and a new countertop that doesn't gross her out.

So, this afternoon Teah and I went out during Micah's nap, and Alyssa cooked an amazing meal, a pork apple stew. The pork was from Lamppost Farm, carrots from our home garden at the old house, sweet potatoes from Garfield Farm, cabbage from Garfield Farm, and apples from Dawson's Farm (local but bought at Whole Foods). The apples sauce was amazing, local Granny Smith Apples.

Last night was a whole chicken from Lamppost Farm which is now also going to feed us with chicken soup for about a week.

So, if you want the recipe for the stew, don't ask me, ask Alyssa, it was amazing. Props to her cooking and commitment to this counter-cultural way of eating.

The pork, which we got from Lamppost Farm and our friends Steve and Melanie, has been great. They are now raising a bunch of these little guys, though they are getting big now from what I hear. They are Hereford pigs, a heritage breed.

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