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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Selling Food at the Penn Aiken Dairy

Last Thursday was our first attempt at selling produce outside the Penn Aiken Dairy. The Penn Aiken Dairy is an interesting spot. The store is a centerpiece in the Garfield neighborhood, everyone goes their to get everything, candy, ice cream, lunch meat, cigarettes, even beer! So, it's a prime location for us to sell veggies outside of, lots of foot traffic and all Garfield residents. The owner was reluctant at first, until I mentioned that we are made up of two churches working to grow food in Garfield and for Garfield. Now he seems very excited to help us. He called yesterday to see how it went last week. The shoppers were interested in our food, we sold a decent amount, all at low prices. We were joined by Maria from Healcrest Farm, which allowed us to take food stamps, which was very cool.

We'll try this location again this week, so come on out and visit us from 4 - 7pm on Thursday night.

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The Tiny Homestead said...

fantastic. I'll be sure to check it out.