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Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting What We Asked For

We're getting just what we asked for, praise God! Wait a second, this is hard! Garfield Community Farm is really moving forward, great things are happening, community involvement is coming about. The main site at Cornwall and Wicklow street in Garfield is actively being developed by church members, community members and friends from around the area. What we asked for was kids. We thought that the involvement of kids would bring the involvement of adults and the greater community. We thought we would partner with Valley View Church's summer camp and other after school programs to make the happen. We didn't think that our simple presence at the garden would be all we needed. Over the past few weeks we went from having two neighborhood kids come out, so about 10, 15 and then this week about 30! We were not prepared, it was chaotic! But that's what we've been praying for right? And most of these kids are coming out to work. One week they were upset with me when we had to finish up, so I let them keep a wheel barrow and a couple shovels out to start spreading mulch in a new area. We have a lot of work to do though. Work to create meaningful activities for these kids to learn and get involved, work to build trust and relationships, work to build more adult involvement tending the garden and more importantly ministering to and with these kids. The picture is from last Saturday. They call themselves the "Cornwall Kids" since they all live on Cornwall Street. These kids are great kids! 30 of them was a little overwhelming!

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this is great! I love the picture.