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Monday, January 05, 2009

A Dog Named Tiny

Alyssa has wanted a Great Dane for years now, ever since we stayed at a home with one in Athens Ohio, when we recorded our first album. But, since them, we got Emma, a 75 pound, playful German Shepherd, who is a VERY good watch dog. She has a very intimidating bark when people approach the house.

A few weeks ago we began a conversation with the Cincinnati Great Dane Rescue, they were at the Over the Rhine concert. The lead couple in the band Over the Rhine are Dane owners and support the rescue by having them come to their shows. We then stopped by to visit the president of the Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue, and her dog Moose, at the Washington County Petco. So, to make a long story shorter, Emma now has a new friend and playmate, a 1 year old full bred Great Dane named Tiny. He's an amazing dog, very gentle and great with kids. He's teaching Emma how to relax and she's trying to teach him to be suspicious of strangers, but it's not working. Tiny weighs about 130 pounds, almost 2x Emma, and eats about twice the amount of food.

As you can see, Emma is very happy about Tiny's ability to get Mom to lighten up on the couch rules!


Sandy Stover said...

i think i might love tiny and i haven't even met him yet!

neatr_natr said...

Wow congrats, we were thinking of getting a Dane for a while but decided on another dog(in the future) he looks like a great dog