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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eating Locally in November

It's November and it's still easy to eat about 80% locally grown and produced food. All summer and fall it's taken a very intentional approach, but after being 100% vegetarian for about 10 years, it has not felt strange to be very intentional about my food. It is sure to get much harder as we get into the winter. Alyssa has canned all sorts of fruit all summer to suppliment, but we've already realized that we don't have near enough.

Today we made a good find though that will hopefully be available all year long. Alyssa found bread that is sold at Whole Foods and is made and grown at a farm in the Laurelhighlands. This has been one thing we haven't been able to find easily, locally grown flour, but now we found it. It's not cheap bread and they don't sell the flour alone, so we're still looking for local whole wheat flour so we can make our own bread. We've also begun going down to the Strip District on Fridays to Pennsylvania Maccaroni Company to buy local cheese, they have tons, and it's all amazing cheese.

I must say, eating meat again has been great. We've found local beef, pork sausages, lots of chicken.

Today for dinner I made baken quince for desert, I had never had a quince before, but cooked right, it's very good. Our friend Lance got us about 20 pounds from a local farm for free.

While eating locally has taken intentionality, it's been easier than I thought. And much more rewarding!

That all said, eating locally has brought simple, but amazing food to us. The meat, milk and cheese we're eating is far better than the cheap stuff that travels from factories.


Anonymous said...

John, Ther was an article in this Sundays newspaper about a mill in Butler that sells their flour, but zi don,t remember the name and the paper has already been recycled! Kay

Meghan said...

Penn Mac sells locally made flour. I'm not sure if the wheat is grown here or not, but I bought a 5lb bag of stone ground wheat flour made at Penn Mac. They sell a lot of spices and stuff as well.