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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is The Grass Really Blue?

We had a great Easter Celebration at 11am this morning, followed by the sunniest day in a while. It was bitter cold this morning, around 22 degrees, which made me wonder if anyone in the right mind was at an outdoor sunrise service. It warmed up a little, but seemed a lot warmer because of the blue sky and sun. Have I mentioned how ready I am for Spring!?! I went up to the Stanton's property in Garfield where we've put up a hoop house, it's a small green house heated only by the sun. It's an experiment to see if we can grow some stuff in before the growing season starts. Right now we're dealing with it getting too cold at night and too hot on a day like today. When I opened the door a puff of hot air came out with so much humidity that it fogged up my glasses. But at 22 last night it seemed that some of the small seedlings froze.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you about...

Alyssa was too sick to go anywhere today, so Teah and I went to church and then to my parents house for dinner. We also visited my 97 year old grandmother in the nursing home, she lived with my parents until a few months ago. You want to talk about intentional Christian community, talk to someone who has invited an elderly parent to live in their home, the struggles that come with that are far greater than anything I've experienced living in community. On the way home WYEP, my favorite radio station (actually plays my music sometimes) was "playing their blue grass show. I asked Teah if she liked blue grass music. I was proud of her for pausing to listen before responding with a "yes". Then she asked me if the grass was really blue. I said, "kind of, but mostly it's still green, but with a little bit of blueishness to it." A song later she said, "what's that sound?" She's only 2 1/2 keep in mind. I turned down the radio and asked "what sound?" She said she couldn't hear it because I turned off the radio. I didn't realize she was talking about the sound of an instrument. We then listened and I asked again, "what sound?" She then replied with what I think is a brilliant analogy for a two year old, are two year old's even supposed to be able to make analogies on their own. She said, "the sound that sounds like the rain." I said, thinking she couldn't make an analogy, "there's no rain Teah." She actually said to me, "no dad, it sounds LIKE rain." I listened to the song a little bit more, it was a slower blue grass tune with a lot of mandolin. I came to the conclusion that what Teah was describing as "sounding like rain" was a rhythm mandolin, mostly strumming the strings.

I think we might have a musician on our hands. We'll see... She sure is learning how to listen to music, pick out instruments, and even make critical observations about songs.

I don't brag much about Teah, haven't written about her in a while, but she's an amazing kid. Very hard sometimes, but amazing.

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