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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Arch of the Covenant and the Shakinah Glory

Alyssa and I have been reading some commentaries on Mary's Song, the magnificat, in Luke chapter 1. We've also been studying it in our weekly "midrash" bible study with Open Door folks. One of the things that my friend Kyle found was the connection between Mary as the bearer of God's Son and the Arch of the Covenant in the OT. For some reason it was an amazing revelation to me that Mary in Luke's gospel takes the place of the arch. She is the theotokos, the bearer of God. The Shakinah Glory, or the Glory and presence of the Lord, resided in the arch. In Luke 1 the Sakinah Glory, the presence of God, is in the new arch, Mary's womb. Jesus, the fetus, was in fact the Glory of God. So we can say, with Luke and Elizabeth, "blessed art thou amoungst women and blessed is the fruit of they womb, Jesus!"

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Kyle said...

Yeah that kind of floored me at first... It seemed like a really off te wall comparison, but after I thought about it, it really is a beautiful thing. Instead of an object being the God-bearer and only being available to certain people, A human became the God-bearer and was available to all.