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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music at the Open Door's Gathering

Today at our worship gathering we'll be lead musically by our friend Ash. He's a talented singer and pianist. I'll be playing guitar, allowing Ash to lead the vocals. I'm excited to let him go for it for the first time. He has a very different style than I do and different than any of our other music leaders. It's a very soulful sound. I'll play guitar and maybe sing on one song.

Our community is amazingly blessed with people who can lead the music aspect of worship. Some are better at the leading part than others, but there's no shortage of musicians. Right now, including interns, I think we have eight different individuals or couples who I could have lead worship. The leaders who have been around the longest began working on an album of original worship songs last summer, hopefully we get the time to complete it.

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edb said...

just found your blog and the open door...would love to dialogue with you about worship leading in missional churches and music stuff in general...