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Thursday, September 20, 2007


We're still waiting for baby Micah. Alyssa delivered Teah, our two year old, two and a half weeks early. But that's not happening this time, her due date is only five days away. We're excitedly waiting! This time Alyssa is delivering at the midwife center in the Strip District. I'm really excited about that. Last time I had the difficult job of reminding Alyssa that she didn't want an epidural as nurses, doctors, and students came into her room to remind her that it wasn't too late for her to get one. That won't be an option at the midwife center. Alyssa didn't get one last time, but it sure was frustrating for her each time someone came to her room assuming she had one, or would end up getting one. She really didn't want one knowing the difficulties they can cause for both the mom and baby. But, that's not what I'm most excited about, I'm excited that I won't have to sleep two nights in a hospital room chair! Alyssa will only be at the midwife center for a few hours after Micah comes. That means we'll all get to sleep at home. Of course Alyssa will need major rest like she would get in the hospital, but I'm sure it'll be better in her own bed. I shouldn't speak too badly of being in a hospital, we'll end up at A.G.H. if anything goes at all wrong at the Midwife Center, they have a good partnership with the hospital and do very quick transfers if problems arise.

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Sarah Louise said...

Happy due date! (Having been born a few days early myself and the sibling of someone who was a week late and the sibling of someone who was three months early, I know that the due date is not as reliable as say, the library notice coming out and saying, oops, you owe ten cents b/c your baby is a day late. Hugs to the Creasy clan.