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Friday, September 07, 2007


Yesterday I defended (if you can call it that) my statement of faith before the entire Pittsburgh Presbytery. I only got one question, and it was an easy one from a friend. I guess that just means my statement was good. We will have an ordination service on October 21st probably at 2:30pm at the Union Project to make everything official. Abraham (one of our housemates now won't stop calling me Rev. J. Alexander Creasy! I John will do.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations John! Grand-Pap said you did very well and he and I are very proud of you.... Uncle Bob

Anonymous said...

Congratulations John! I am proud of you. I hope I will be able to come home for the ordination service. See you soon...when baby is born!

Sarah Louise said...

Oh what wonderful news!!

Drew said...

congrats. I am such a dork that I checked the presbytery's website, and I was proud and surprised that I knew all three candidates moving towards ordination! It must have been a great day