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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mexico (Part One)

Í´m right now sitting in Arturo´s office at about midnight. So much has happened this week, Í´ll take a few days to blog on some of the high lights, and some of the stuff going through my head. Today Í´ll just tell you a little about Arturo Velasco. He has been a friend of my dad´s for many years now and a friend of mine for about five. He worked in Mexico city with abandoned street children for World Vision when my dad met him. Since then he and his wife Elizabeth have begun pastoring a small church outside the city in a suburb called Atizapan. Arturo is a gifted evangelist and communicator. He loves children and really anybody who needs his love. Upon arriving in Mexico city we were rushed from the airport, through some fast food lines and to the church where a special worship service was happening. There were multiple bands and a bunch of different local churches from the Atizapan area. It was my first time in Mexico City, it was quite a sight to see all the people worshiping and the bands playing. Soon after we arrived it was my turn to get on stage and share a short message. Everyone had been waiting for the American´s to show up. I gave a simple message, God has a mission for your life. I thought it went well. After that a Goth-metal band played, it was pretty crazy! The week started with high energy and a lot of excitement. It only built from there.

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