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Monday, July 09, 2007

The East End Blitz

Tomorrow is the first day of work on The Open Door's East End Blitz house. You may ask, "what does that mean?" Well, a bunch of churches in our neighborhood got together with Hosanna industries about a year ago and developed a plan to renovate eight abandoned or run down properties in our neighborhoods for low income families in our churches. So far four houses have been renovated and sold at extremely low prices to exceedingly deserving families. This week starts work on a house for a young family from our congregation. Tomorrow we'll all show up at 7:30 AM and work all day. In the end an abandoned property on my street will be completely renovated and house a great family who otherwise would not be able to buy a house for a long time.

We think this work is important work for the Kingdom of God. Renovation of homes in our neighborhoods is starting to happen more and more. But most of the finished homes are way too expensive for the people who have lived here for years. The East End Blitz is attempting to provide quality houses for people who otherwise could not own a home but would have to rent. Some of the folks getting homes this summer are coming out of slum lord properties. Even the rental costs in our neighborhood are going up and causing people to rent worse and worse apartments. We'll continue to do our small part to try to break the cycle.

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Chris said...

I'll be praying for you all tomorrow and the rest of the week. Sorry I can't help more (blame CPE). God bless!