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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation Reading

It's been a great vacation so far - even with our 10 month old German Shepherd and our 23 month old daughter. During Teah's nap times I've been able to read a lot (I'm a slow reader, so a lot to me is not very much to someone like my wife). I finished "Sex God" by Rob Bell. I thought it was pretty good. It explores the connections between our spirituality and our sexuality and how the best human relationships are windows into the nature of God. I'm now reading "Soul Graffiti" by Mark Scandrette. Mark Scandrette revolutionized my approach to spirituality and the arts when Alyssa brought a 2 1/2 hour taped message from an Emergent convention back for me about 3 years ago. Mark's book is great so far. Here are some things I've grasped so far from it...

Our spirituality is like a pilgrimage, the blessing is in the journey and not only the destination.

The journey is communal, to be taken with others.

Our families and extended families are probably the most important parts of our spiritual communities and those whom we journey with.

Actual pilgrimage can be important to our spiritual formation.

Our spiritual formation happens when we're listening for the voice of God in all people and in all parts of life.

True followers of Christ are willing to risk all for the sake of following Christ.

Most of us cognitively know plenty about Jesus, God and the Bible. We need to learn to follow and actually live in the way of Jesus, not just know all about Jesus.

I'll keep blogging on this book as I continue to read it.

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