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Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the Dunes not the Pool

So, on Monday I was excited, as Teah was, to go swimming in our private pool. Teah got into her new bathing suit and we ventured onto the first cement step into the water. She sat down. I noticed something outside the pool and was distracted for about 10 seconds, if that. When I turned my head back to Teah she was gone from the step, flailing around face down in the pool about a foot under the water. I quickly pulled her up and began comforting her. She hadn't been under the water long enough to even breath any in. She was fine, but freaked out, as she should have been. That set the stage for Teah and her distrust of me while in the pool. From that point on she's been scared of the pool.

We've had a lot of fun any way. The dunes were a lot of fun. I've taken her on a few bike rides which we also enjoyed. Hopefully next year she'll have forgotten about the pool incident and will have more fun with me.

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