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Monday, April 02, 2007

Raising a Tree Hugger

I really haven't done much to influence Téah toward being a nature lover or an environmentalist, she's only 1 1/2! But she seems to be on her way to loving the outdoors on her own. Since the weather has gotten warmer we've not been able to keep in the house. She loves being outside, it's one of her favorite words right now. She loves the zoo. She loves looking at the stars and especially the moon. But the thing that made me sure she would be a bigger tree hugger than even me was when I saw her talking to the little tree that we had planted in the back yard.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you, Teah Jane, and keep talking to the trees! And if anyone challenges you, you just tell them you only hug (or talk to) the trees God made :-)

My own love for the outdoors also began as a toddler and as an adult I'm blessed with a career caring for God's good creation. So to Teah I say, "You go, girl!"

- Angela Kantola