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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Being in an old house is cool. I often wonder what this street was like in 1860 when Thomas Mellon tended his orchard on the other side of our back fence. I also wonder what's actually original in this house and what was added later. I know the bathroom is an addition, but I don't know where the outhouse was.

During my two weeks of enjoying living here and not actually working on anything I had a couple minutes to begin researching the house and our neighborhood's history. Here's a picture of Thomas Mellon's house, our nearest neighbor in 1860. Also a picture of what's there now. Check out the map from the 1870's. For now, it's back to work taking care of further lead abatement.


Patrick said...

John, those are pretty sweet images. Where did you get those?

John said...

the pictures are both from