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Thursday, January 04, 2007


We're experiencing a lot of change in this new year. Alyssa, Téah, Emma (our puppy) and I have moved back into our house, aka the Orchard House. Our good friend Abraham has lived in the house since we bought it on May 17th. We were there from May through August but had to move out until now. Téah is 16 months old now and is doing awesome. We had to leave the house for her sake, through the renovations she got lead poisoning. She had no symptoms, but had a count of 15, anything above 10 is considered poisoning. Now her levels are much lower, they take a long time to go down. We're just hoping and praying that over the past four months we've been able to successfully clean the house properly and paint over all the old lead based paint. Please keep her in your prayers. We really don't want to move back in with my parents again (though they were awesome and we had a lot of fun)! On New Years Eve we had a party to celebrate the new year and the move back into the house. We're not done with renovations, but we're done with all the major stuff. Every room in the house is now livable - it's an amazing feeling to have this house and comfortable live in it after the thousands of hours I and others have put into getting it to the point.


Sarah Louise said...

Welcome back to the 'hood!

Nick said...

Hey John,

So sorry that we didn’t make it to your New Years party…trying to even say hi to everyone in Pittsburgh proved impossible! It’s great to hear all that you have accomplished there, but we were deeply saddened by the news of Teah’s lead problems…again! This must be so hard, as you have worked tirelessly to get here and now can’t even live in your home. You all are in our thoughts and prayers as you decide what and how to deal with all of this. In Him, Nick and Lauren