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Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Alyssa

Yesterday was my wife's birthday. I spent most of the day at work preparing for worship and preaching, so we didn't get much time together. Too often I overlook the amazing wife that I have. Here are some things I need to say thank you for:

Thanks for being such a great mom to Téah.
Thanks for letting me dream and helping me make some of those dreams reality.
Thanks for being my musical partner, without you I'd just be a half good guitarist who can't sing my way out of a hole.
Thanks for being patient while I work on the house that we don't even live in yet.
Thanks for being ok with living at my parents house while we make sure lead is out of the house.
Thanks for wanting to talk.
Thanks for getting mad at me when I'm not home enough.
Thanks for encouraging me.
Thanks for working so hard while I was in seminary.
Thanks for making me laugh.

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alyssa said...

Thanks Honey. I love you!