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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


About two weeks ago my good friend and co-worker, BJ Woodworth, sent out an e-mail to a whole bunch of Open Door folks asking them to come to my house to work for a day and help us get it ready for us to move back in. Last Saturday a bunch of friends came out and lent their time and muscle to my family. It was amazing! Andrew knew electrical work and so did a bunch of stuff that I'm not really comfortable doing. Brian worked harder than anyone removing carpet padding that had completely adhered to the floor that we want to refinish. BJ cleaned up harmful lead paint chips that had gathered on tarps out side and shopvacced a whole bunch that had blown into the grass and dirt. My dad gave us a kitchen sink, which was awesome! Allison, Alyssa and Kay make Teah's room look very pretty. Terry made countless runs to Home Depot, buying whatever plumbing supplies were needed, and in the mean time he got our drier hooked up and running. And there were a bunch of other folks who did a bunch of other work. I was basically the go get person, running around making sure everyone had the right tools. Thank You for your help everybody, it was a huge encouragement at a time when we were feeling overwhelmed.

It was amazing experiencing the blessing of encouragement and giving from our friends. We're very close to being ready to move in now! Kristin was able to move back in yesterday and brave Abraham never left!

So, while there's still a lot to be done, there's a lot that is finished. We'll get the kitchen done over the next two weeks, which will be huge.

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Eileen said...

Chris and I drove by a while ago (I have no clue when) and I did a double take b/c it went from being white to yellow!

I'm glad it's coming together!!! Want to come work on our house? It's been in the works for 5 years... :o)