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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Learning at the Open Door

Learning is one of the "practices" that the leadership of the Open Door has identified. Our rhythms or practices are what define us to the world as followers of Christ, and so we call them missional practices. Without our practices we look, act, and smell like everybody else in our communities, work places and homes.

The other missional practices that we've identified are listening, eating, encouraging and giving. All of these things impact how we live our lives in relation to God, others and the world.

BJ and I have been struggling a bit with how to really get people doing these things in an intentional way. Our community loves to eat together, encourage one another, listen to one another and to God, and we are even beginning to give of ourselves more than I had expected we might. I'm really interested in our practice of learning right now. The idea is that everyone who is a part of the Open Door would be reading scripture in an in depth way, probably with other people. Our bible studies though are all very small. I would love to see everybody become a part of an intentional group that studies scripture, but I'm not sure how to make that happen. I guess we need to continue to pray and exhort everyone to look at their lives and whether scripture is playing an important role in their formation.

It's not about reading. Its about the conviction that the word of God transforms us, others and the world when we emerse ourselves in it. Without the word (that is Jesus' action through the scripture), and its transformative power, we end up looking a lot like people just trying to be good, make friends and help people. The Word is what makes us who we are, followers of Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

I think for me the most challenging practice is eating. The only time I see OD folks is on Sunday, most weeks.

I'd love to do more learning with Open Door folk but adore the Women's Bible Study at Bellefield.

John said...

And by no means to we want to say that you have practice being a follower of Jesus only through these practices and definately not only with Open Door people.`

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that! I just wish I did more with the community I call my community...

John said...

I gotcha. I think it's good to long for more. And I don't think you're the only one.