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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good, Better, and Not So Good

On Monday Garret, Brian, Andy, and Nate helped me sand the floors in the living room and dining room of the house. Thanks guys, you were a huge help! The largest area of the house by far. So far we've only stored things in these rooms. The job was not easy. We used Home Depot rental equipment, which is not what a professional would use. The Home Depot drum sander is supposedly much smaller, meaning more passes to get through the old finish. It took us all day Monday (not everyone worked the whole time). Then it took me another gruelling 3 hours on Tuesday to do all the edging, that actually the hardest part. After all was done, it's looking good.

It was great, yesterday our carpet was installed. Something I got to pick out and then watch the installers do, no work for me! And the transformation of our main stairway and hall is amazing! The old red carpet was atrocious, very worn out and stained, and the floor underneath was not pretty either.

OK, what I didn't tell you about the floors in the living/dining room is that along the outside wall there is some pretty bad termite damage. I think I'll be replacing some of the 145 year old heart pine with poplar. Today's pine is too soft. It should only be a few planks.

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