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Sunday, November 12, 2006


I was thinking today about how great Alyssa and my families are. Of cours no family is perfect, so I don't mean to make it sound like that. Our parents have been great to us. We're living with my parents right now, for a few more days, maximum of two more weeks. They've opened their house completely to the five of us (Zaza our cat, Emma our dog, Alyssa, Téah and me). They've fed us and put up with the messes of a baby and puppy. In addition my 96 year old grandmother lives here and is taken care of by my mom, along with her ornery old dog. Right now there are 10 living creatures including people and pets in this house (not including the mouse that the cat has not yet caught)! All four of our parents have helped tremendously with the house. I didn't mention in the last blog entry that my dad tackled the Ikea farmhouse sink. It happens to be made to install into Ikea cabinets very easily, but is next to impossible to install into anything else. Happens we have anything else. Our cabinets weren't custom when we got them, but now they are after getting that sink into them. Terry and Kay have been great too, watching Téah every week, and helping Alyssa and I from getting overwhelmed with the house. They are great at cleaning and organizing. So anyway, thanks family.

I thank God for our families, especially now that Alyssa and I have Téah. All of her grandparents are very important parts of her life. I know most people don't have what we have. I know most people even look down on making conscious decisions to live near family, but we've decided it's important. Who knows if we'll all live in Pittsburgh forever, for now we do.

I'll have pictures of the kitchen later this week. IT should be finished by Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

It's been good having everbody here, even Peppie the hobo.