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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Sleeping Puppy

I'm sitting in a room in our house, the house we're not even living in right now, enjoying some peace and silence as my new puppy sleeps next to me on the floor. I have to admit it's been a tough few months for me. Since we found out that Téah had lead poisoning from the renovations we're doing we've been living at my parents house. They've been extremely gracious. I've been pushing myself to get a lot of stuff done before we move back in, but the list remains long. I guess things are going well, on the house, just slow. I finally got the lawn mower fixed today and cut the grass that hasn't been cut since the beginning of August. I'm realizing that I need these little snippets of quiet time. I guess we all do. That's why we've decided to make Listening one of the practices of the Open Door. As members or partners of the Open Door we agree to shape the way we live by practicing specific actions that draw us nearer to God and that push out out to live missionally. We agree to not only believe in Jesus, but to follow him, we attempt to live your lives like he lived his, only in our specific context. Through our study of scripture, and much discussion, one of our community/missional practices was made listening. We agree to have at least one 1/2 hour plus time with God every week in which we listen for his voice, we attempt to find silence and we listen. At this point in my life, I'm not even sure what that means, with a baby, a puppy a job and endless things to get done this house (which I do love). I know that listening will draw me closer to God and therefore allow me to be more and more who God created me to be.


Lamont said...

At this particular point I'm focusing more on listening as well.It was great to meet you this last weekend.
Blessing on you're ears and mine,

Anonymous said...

Listening is sometimes so hard! But important.

*You* are a good listener--thanks!