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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Counter Tops and Crown Molding

Last weekend Alyssa and Téah went to visit my sister in Cincinati, not only were they gone, but they brought the puppy, my mom went with them and my dad went up to Slippery Rock where he has a cabin. That meant I had a ton of time to work on the house and time to relax. The two major projects I tackled were putting up crown molding in my and Alyssa's soon to be bedroom and the laying to granite tile countertops. Neither of these had I ever done before. The crown molding came first. I'd been hearing for months how difficult it was to put up crown molding, doing the mitered cuts is tricky. Of course our contractor Randy made it sound easy as he does everything! After an hour of playing with the miter saw and trying to get the angles right I figured out a system. Getting these angles right is quite mysterious, it's much harder than doing chair rails or base boards. With a bit of caulk and my dad's trusting dewalt finishing nailer the molding us up, painted and looking pretty good. If you look closely you'll notice the imperfections, but that's life. I'll post some pictures later. The countertops were a bigger job, but less mysterious to me. They took a lot more time, but the work was kinda fun. I guess I like laying tile. I went out and bought a little wet saw, which works great. Our kitchen is nearing the point when we can install all the appliances, I'm so excited! Sorry no pictures, I'll get them up soon!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Laying tile--I guess that's a good thing to like doing...