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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Frustrated Incorporated

That's the name of one of my favorite songs by Soul Asylum, a great band from the 90's, though they did release a new album this year that's getting a lot of play on WYEP 91.3, my favorite radio station. Anyway, this post is really about being frustrated, not Soul Asylum, though I felt like I needed a soul asylum yesterday. I was hopeing to get the hard wood floors put in the whole entry way yesterday, but that definately didn't happen. I, with a couple of friends started as we were told with the longest piece we could find. From there we build about four rows. Each one developed a gap that we could not figure out. After hours of trying to make it work we ripped out the flooring. By that time I was alone. I started over. The problem was that the first long board was warped! I should have checked for that! Now I'm well on my way with ten rows done and no gaps, no warped boards.


ilovepgh said...

Thank you for making the floors look beautiful!! All your hard work is amazing!

Beverly said...

We're thinking about doing hard wood floors next year. I've made a mental note of this post.

Anonymous said...

When the Orchard House is finished people will be coming to you for advise!