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Monday, August 28, 2006

FIrst of all, an update on the floor. It's going very well now. I'll have to post some pictures later. I finished the entry and hallway last week, now I'm trying to finish the painting in the kitchen before I lay the floor in there too.

Tomorrow Alyssa, Teah and I are going to Deep Creek Maryland for a couple days. My family is there for the week. We decided to get a tiny little cabin at Swallow Falls State Park for two nights. Then we'll join my family at the house they've rented for a night or two. I'm so looking forward to getting away for a little bit. We all need it. We began summer by going to beach, now we'll end it by spending a little time in the mountains.

Pray for Teah, we got her lead levels last week from the doctor and it was high. The outside of our house is covered in peeling, chipping and chalking lead paint. And I think some of the paint in the kitchen that I was sanding is also lead. This week we've hired two friends to begin scraping the exteriour of the house, just enough to be able to paint. Once the old paint is covered up with new stuff she should be fine, but now we really want to get it all done quickly for the sake of Teah's long term health.

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