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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Every year Alyssa and I go on vacation with either her family, my family, or both. Last time we went we had one baby, Gavin, when he was one year old. This year we have three kids all under 4, and one more on the way. No, Alyssa and I don't have one on the way, our nephew Gideon will soon have a sister. Vacation is much different now that we all have kids. We're actually having a lot of fun, but the reality is that kids force you to be less selfish. We decided we would all have one night out as a couple. Tonight we watched the three kids with Alyssa's parents. Unfortunately it was our own baby that gave us trouble! Alyssa has been awesome. Teah will not let me put her to bed these days. For some reason it has to be mom. I tried today and Teah threw a huge temper tantrum. Something was wrong with her tonight, it took Alyssa almost two hours to get her to sleep. I really couldn't help. We tried to let her cry herself to sleep but after a long while we realized she was only escalating and waking up the two other kids. We couldn't figure out what her problem was, but it diffinitely wasn't a normal night.

Anyway, my wife did a great job... here's to you Alyssa (take a drink).

Teah actually loves the water! Her big cousins Gavin and Gideon haven't been so keen on the water, but they're starting to have more fun. It was too cold today to be in the water much. This picture is from two days ago, Sunday.


bj woodworth said...

I miss you brother but I am glad you are relaxing or at least away from work. I remember my brother in law Matt saying to me one year at our annual Deep Creek vacation, "as parents vacation is not about us it is about our kids." That is hard to handle sometimes but ohhh... so true!

bj woodworth said...
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