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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fast Changes

Over the past month Teah has changed and developed in dramatic ways. It's been amazing to see her develop!

On vacation she learned how to crawl, nows she crawls all over the place.

Two weekends ago she said her first word, cat. We walked into a room with a stuffed animal up on a bookcase. She pointed up the animal and said cat. It was a location our cat Zaza would have liked to sleep. Since then she's learned how to say mama, dada, dog, and she can imitate a horse, an elephant, and a lion. It's all really funny, but she only does it on her terms, no showing off to strangers!

I must say I'm very thankful to the Open Door, I've been using the church's video camera to capture much of Teah's milestones.

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