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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ending and Beginning

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote anything. For a while we didn't have internet at the new house, but that was only a couple of days, really I've just been way too busy. It's been an amazing and crazy ride so far. We moved into "The Orchard House" on May 17th, it was the same day we closed. We probably should have found someplace else to live while work is being done, but we're not. Teah will come stay at my parent's house whenever we deal with the exteriors lead based paint. Tomorrow our contractor will start his work, I'm excited about that. Tomorrow we also leave for vacation. It should be exciting to come home to a new front porch!

On Monday we had a cookout and invited all the neighborhood kids, it was great! The only problem was that Alyssa and I had put in 8 hours of physical labor before the cookout... we were beat. Abraham did an awesome job playing soccer and football with all the kids. They all ate more than you could imagine! It's interesting that we had 15 or so neighborhood kids come to our house, but no adults, other than our friends. We all hope that our presence in the Neighborhood will be make a difference in some of the lives of these kids, and adults. We just want to be witnesses to the work that Jesus is doing in the neighborhood, we don't claim to bring anything but eyes to see his work and hands to point others toward him.

I cut the lawn today, it didn't take as long as I thought. A little over an hour not including any trimming. It's a huge lawn, especially considering we're in the middle of East Liberty, mid city that is. It's a big reason it's so easy to attract kids, they feel like they're at the park when they play in the front yard! We all feel so blessed to have this place, and also overwhelmed with the responsibility and the amount of work that need to be done.

On another issue, we finally have a bathroom!!!! It was supposed to take a couple days, but ended up taking almost 2 weeks. We ended up doing major work like all new plumbing under the floor, a new drywall ceiling, and all new subfloor and some new floor bracing. Finally the bathtub and toilet work and I hooked the shower up to the 75 year old clawfoot tub. There's still some work to be done, like put in the new pedestal sink, but it should be complete soon. Then we can work on sanding the floors and repairing the windows, all work that Abraham and I will do (along with my Dad, who has helped tremendously), not our contractor.

Wish us luck... or better pray for our ministry of presence in the neighborhood, and for our patience and steadfastness in getting the work done. Pray for safety, especially for Teah.

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